Press Release

Multiplays: Blockchain Gaming Reinvented Using NFTs

Blockchain has increasingly and steadily become a choice of technology for many industries and gaming is certainly one of them....
April 11, 2021

Art Nano(ARNO): The Secondary Energy Power Solution For Industries Using DeFi

The global energy storage market is expected to double as homes and businesses adopt battery energy storage to supplement rooft...
April 5, 2021

2local Launches L2L-token on the Binance Smart Chain

Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Netherlands – Recently, 2local proudly announced the launching of its L2L-token on the Binance Sma...
March 18, 2021

NEXT.Chain Partners with PayAccept and UniCrypt to Boost Defi Adoption

NEXT.Chain is organizing a public sale for its token in the form of a liquidity event on the UniCrypt platform. The event comes...
March 4, 2021

QuiverX: Black Label

Opportunities to become a venture capitalist have been extremely limited until recent times. At present, Tokenization allows fo...
February 13, 2021

QuiverX to Integrate Chainlink Proof of Reserve To Power Transparent, Decentralized Crowdfunding

QuiverX Capital, Ltd. will be working exclusively with the Chainlink Network to integrate a customized Proof of Reserve oracle ...
January 9, 2021

PAID Network Will Launch Its IDO on Polkastarter on January 20th

PAID Network, one of the first legaltechs to use distributed ledger technologies (DLT) to make business on the Blockchain more ...
January 7, 2021


While many across the world are winding down for the holiday season, the PAID Network team has been hard at work building our M...
December 29, 2020

Capital Dex – Decentralised Exchange Primarily For Security Tokens

Curioinvest launches Curio Capital Dex, a decentralized, legally protected exchange primarily for security tokens such as Car T...
December 26, 2020

Why MATCH Token Pre-Sale is Creating So Much Buzz

There are many risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency projects. While there is an obvious risk of depreciation of th...
December 24, 2020