Press Release

MadTrooper – The most awaited NFT drop of 2021

NFTs have become an absolute sensation across the world right now, and it has become common to hear stories about people making...
September 15, 2021

Southeast Asian Venture Builder RedFOX Labs Launches First SHOP Auction for RFOX VALT Metaverse

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam,  — Southeast Asian based RedFOX Labs has launched its first auction of SHOPs for the RFOX VALT...
September 14, 2021

2local Renews Website With A Dynamic Roadmap, Opens Up The Yield Farm on Their Own Router And Factory, Plus Gets Their Token Listed On New Crypto Exchanges

The eco-friendly company 2local from the Netherlands has made a few more steps along their roadmap towards fulfilling their mis...
September 9, 2021

SafariSwap Reaches 70% Of Its Initial Liquidity Target

SafariSwap, a giant leap for all wildlife. SafariSwap is pleased to announce it has reached 70% of its initial liquidity target...
September 9, 2021

X-Cash is listed on the Dragon’s Syrup program from QuickSwap Exchange!

X-Cash is a community-driven project providing the toolbox for the next stage of the web: Privacy when needed; Transparency to ...
September 6, 2021

YourFreedom Aims to Bring Financial Revolution Through Bitcoin Mining and Defi

Today, cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream investment option as its adoption peaks to new highs. The 2021 bull run proved...
September 6, 2021

RayCoin Global Blockchain Project

The beauty of Blockchain is how it has leveled the playing field for everyone. Typically, the rich have always gotten richer wh...
September 3, 2021

Nafter Set For Global Launch of World’s First NFT Social Network, Why Instagram Should be Worried

The age of Non-Fungible Tokens is now and it has arrived in an astounding manner growing to over $11 billion in just two quarte...
September 2, 2021

Play-to-Earn Game from Polker (PKR) Listed on BitMart Exchange – Endorsed by Akon

The Play-to-Earn NFT based Polker.Game‘s native token $PKR has been officially listed on the popular centralized exchange...
September 2, 2021

DeFinance – The New DeFi Platform Arrives To Conquer The Crypto Markets

In 2017, we saw the massive explosion of Decentralized Finance (Defi), rising from $2.1 million to a whopping $6.9 billion. Wit...
September 2, 2021