Press Release

Hyper Inu Opens Presale For Golden Members, Here’s Everything You Should Know

Hyper Inu is a blockchain Smart Contract built on Binance BEP-20 protocol and announced its Third Pre Sale opening for the Gold...
November 17, 2021

mPANDO Browser officially registered at the App Store

MPANDO Browser has been officially registered at the App Store, completing another step to becoming a global browser. MPANDO Br...
November 17, 2021

Airone Drone Firm Takes NFT Route, Launches 1000 NFTs as a PreSale Ticket For Coin Launch

The NFT mania has hit the mainstream with nearly every other popular brand and celebrity indulging in the NFT mania. Non-Fungib...
November 17, 2021

Pando Software Inc’s Pantalk and Google Play surpassed 100K downloads

PANTALK, a message service based on strong security features, has surpassed 100K downloads since the launch of the Google Play ...
November 17, 2021

ICON Partners with RFOX to Enter the Metaverse and Explore Further Opportunities to Push Technological Boundaries

Blockchain Interoperability Giant ICON to enter the Metaverse and Showcase its Ecosystem in Virtual Reality November 15, 2021 1...
November 15, 2021

CrazyBunny Skyrockets 22200% Since Launch, An New Entertainment Platform is Expected in Near Future

The idea of “earning while playing” has become more and more mature as we speak and also, fundamentally changed the model of pa...
November 15, 2021

Flappy Inu Elon’s Bird: The First 0% Fee NFT Token Dedicated to Solve World Hunger and Reward the Token Holders!

Flappy Inu is not just a low-tax token but also an NFT and a game based on the classic flappy bird. It’s a community-owne...
November 15, 2021

Aada Finance Introduces ISPO Incentive Bonus

What a time we live in… space travel, CRISPR, MetaVerse, NFTs, public ledger, and many more. We at Aada Finance are excited to ...
November 12, 2021

AssetG Global Tells Us Why Making Money Is The Best Hobby.

This is an opinion article from AssetG Global on how making money should be the best hobby. Readers are encouraged to do their ...
November 11, 2021

Floki Pet World Announces IDO Launch, Here’s Why this Could Become the Next SHIBA

Flokipetworld, a meme coin inspired by Floki & NFT announced the launch of its IDO on 12th November on IDOScan platform. Th...
November 11, 2021