Press Release

Earn up to 5000 TOKO for playing on Frontera

4th Jan 2022; Bali, Indonesia – One of the most anticipated NFT gaming metaverse company Fontera announced today its new 5000 T...
January 4, 2022

DX Spot Application uses AI Bots for reducing risks and providing effective trading strategies.

DX Spot Application has been devised for helping traders to get AI assistance to provide strategies and automatic trading in th...
January 3, 2022

The rising star of digital asset trading platforms——FanBit Focus on innovations and breaking down barriers

The Singapore exchange—FanBit, already officially launched on 27 Dec, providing USDT trading pairs for mainstream tokens such a...
January 3, 2022

CrazyBunny – A Way You Should Know to Earn USDT in the Metaverse

If there’s any ranking amongst the most used terms in the science-tech industry, NFT, DAO, and Metaverse will surely make their...
January 3, 2022

FrontEra Engages Block Tides Ventures as Partner and Advisory

30th Dec 2021 – Bali Indonesia , a world class NFT gaming metaverse Frontera has announced its partnership with one of Southeas...
December 30, 2021

Satoshi’s Games Launches Monstropoly, the Highly Anticipated, Blockchain-Based, Esports Play2Earn Game

30 December 2021 – Monstropoly is the highly anticipated, blockchain-based esports game that welcomes players worldwide t...
December 30, 2021

The First Guild Versus Game Platform | SumGames : Combine Game and Finance, Link Social and DAO

Preface The year 2021 is absolutely an explosion of GameFi. More and more players enter this market and gradually develop a dee...
December 29, 2021

Animoca Brands invests in Singapore based Fantico to build VistaVerse, the first Indian metaverse

Singapore: Fantico Pte Ltd , a premium licensed digital collectible platform, raised an undisclosed sum in a private round from...
December 23, 2021

GameFi Titles such as X10 Legends are the Biggest Trend This Year Along With the Metaverse

2021 has been a rollercoaster year for the cryptospherefor sure. On the back of institutional adoption, the industry has manage...
December 23, 2021

Expected Bitcoin Profit in 2025 if Investment is $1000 Today?

Bitcoin Profit (app) partnered platforms boasts of impressive in-cloud features that include customizable automated investment ...
December 21, 2021